Next School Support
Every year The Hall teachers support around 50 students and their families in making major decisions about senior schools. 

If you are still at senior school, could you consider becoming an unofficial recruiter by taking time out to talk to Hall families about your own experience of this important transition to the next phase of education? If you live locally, perhaps you might even consider coming into The Hall to speak to a group of families and share lessons learned about the realities of the transition.  Sharing your insight and answering questions will help families make an informed choice for the future, while simultaneously opening doors for you to serve as a mentor once your Hall alumnus arrives at your current school.

If you would like to help please email
23 Crossfield Road, London NW3 4NU
Office: 020 7722 1700
54 Eton Ave, London NW3 3HN
Office: 020 7722 1700
69 Belsize Park, London NW3 4EH
Office: 020 7722 5456
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